Animal Control

The City of Elko New Market uses Minnesota Critter Getter for Animal Control services.


What Is Animal Control's Mission?

Animal control attempts in many ways to protect people and property from being damaged by roaming and uncontrolled animals. Also, Animal Control tries to protect animals and pets from the dangers that they face while being loose in our urban setting.


What Does Animal Control Do?

Animal Control is a large and encompassing job including:

  • Operation of a shelter to house carious animals, from domestic dogs and cats to various wildlife and exotic animals. In an effort to prevent the spread of diseases, every dog and cat placed into the shelter is vaccinated before being released to owner or adoptive agency.
  • Providing lost and found services in an attempt to reunite owners with their pets.
  • Reducing the pet over-population by spaying or neutering every animal that the shelter offers for adoption.

Animal Control enforces the various City and State animal welfare laws and leash laws.


Animal control responds to complaints or concerns regarding:

  • Noisy animals
  • Loose dogs
  • Animal neglect or abuse
  • Animal bites
  • Wild animal bites

Animal Control provides veterinary medical attention to the stray, sick or injured animals.


Humane education classes for local schools and community groups are provided by Animal Control.


Other Services Offered By Animal Control:

  • Live animal trap rental – traps of various sizes are available to residents of Elko New Market.
  • Assistance with animal behavioral and/or socialization problems.
  • Information on low-cost spaying and neuter programs.

What Do You Do If You Are Bitten By An Animal?

Call Animal Control (507-248-3155) or the Scott County Dispatch (952-445-1411) or 911 as soon as possible.  Attempt to get a good description of the animal and its location. If possible, try to find out who the owner is, where they live and whether or not the animal has been vaccinated.



The City of Elko New Market has made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in its website. Please contact the City of Elko New Market at (952)461-2777 to verify the accuracy of the information.