Community Oriented Local Government

Community Orientated Government is an organization-wide philosophy adopted by the City to improve and upgrade overall City operations by:


·        Understanding and reflecting public values

·        Working to improve process, procedures and service delivery

·        Improving policy discussion and decisions

·        Creating greater accountability

·        Increasing confidence in local government


Community Orientated Government is intended to guide the City – its Council, Commissions, Staff and other agents in how they conduct the business of local government and provide public services.  Essentially, it is a statement of how the City of Elko New Market intends to do business. This formal statement is important for the following reasons:


·        It discusses the manner in which the City is going to achieve its Vision and Goals

·        It explains to the public what they can expect from their City government

·        It establishes standards and creates greater accountability for the City officials, staff and agents

·        It helps to avoid complacency in local government





Community Orientated Government



1.     Community Involvement – The City of Elko New Market will incorporate community feedback in making participative, transparent decisions by:


·        Providing more opportunities for the public to have input on decisions that affect them.

·        Engaging the public in strategic planning initiatives, both short and long term.

·        Enabling the public to provide input on the effectiveness of public services and policies.

·        Working to develop leadership within the community.


2.     Organizational Improvements – The City of Elko New Market will strive to elevate the level of customer service and service delivery through cost effective use of personnel, structure, and information systems by:


·       Developing an organizational climate that promotes innovation, creativity, and a customer-centered focus in providing community services, programs and projects.

·       Improve public services by reducing barriers between City departments in order to provide greater accessibility, flexibility, and efficiency in the delivery of public services.


3.     Problem Solving – The City of Elko New Market will engage in the  process of proactive and systematic examination of identified issues in order to evaluate effective policy decisions by:


·        Using available technology to improve the quality and accuracy of data used in decisions.

·        Provide the resources to develop and implement the most cost effective solutions.

·        Considering the long term costs and benefits in policy decisions.

·        Engaging in long-term financial planning to provide public services without undue burden on the tax payers of the city.


4.     Performance Measurement – The City of Elko New Market will develop and utilize methods for measuring performance to evaluate progress and establish accountability for improving public services.


5.     Professionalism – The City of Elko New Market will provide local government that is characterized by high technical and ethical standards.  The City will conduct business and present itself in a manner that that promotes public confidence. The City will endeavor to recruit, train, and develop cohesive, high quality professional staff that will excel in providing public services.



Adopted by the City Council - April 22, 2010

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