Report Snowplow Damage Online Form

The Public Works Department strives to keep roads as safe as possible during the winter season; however, incidents can happen that may cause damage to resident’s mailboxes and/or sod or lawns. Public Works would like to provide residents some tips to remember during the snowplowing season:

  • Keep garbage cans in your driveway
  • Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and snowplows
  • DO NOT PARK on any city street until it has been plowed curb to curb
  • Clear snow and ice in front of your mailbox
  • Keep fire hydrants cleared of snow and ice to enable the Fire Department clear access to the hydrant in case of an emergency

Residents are asked to report any damage to their mailbox and/or sod or lawn to the City by filling out the following online form.

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The City of Elko New Market has made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in its website. Please contact the City of Elko New Market at (952)461-2777 to verify the accuracy of the information.