2040 Comprehensive Plan

Adopted by the Elko New Market City Council on August, 12, 2021, the 2040 Comprehensive Plan is a document that describes the community’s vision of itself in the future and provides recommendations as to how to achieve such desired future. More specifically, the Plan is a compilation of policy statements, goals, standards and maps which guide the physical, social and economic development (both private and public) of the City.


The Comprehensive Plan has several purposes:

  • Guide growth and development within the community and lands expected to be part of the community at some future point.
  • Document community goals and values as established throughout the planning process.
  • Manage community growth in a compatible and cost effective manner.
  • Serve as a communication device between decision-makers, units of government, agencies and property owners (by guiding stakeholders in making land use decisions).
  • Provide a legal basis for the establishment of ordinances used to implement the Plan.


Complete Document – 2040 Comprehensive Plan


Cover Page & Acknowledgements

Table of Contents, Tables, and Figures

Chapter 1 – Introduction

2040 Comprehensive Plan Study Area Map

Chapter 2 – Issue Identification

Chapter 3 – Policy Plan

Chapter 4 – Natural Environment Plan


NWI / Possible Wetland Boundaries Map

FEMA Flood Hazard Boundaries Map

Steep Slopes Map

Soils / Hydric Soils Figure Map

Natural Area Corridors (Scott County Map)

Regionally Significant Terrestrial and Wetland Ecological Areas (DNR Map)

Metro Wildlife Corridor Focus Areas (DNR Map)

Aggregate Map

Watersheds Map

Chapter 5 – Demographics

School District Boundaries Map

Chapter 6 – Land Use Plan

Undesignated MUSA Reserve Boundary Map

Existing Land Uses within City Map

Existing Land Uses within Unincorporated Area Map

2040 Land Use Plan Map_Amended 10.1.23

Ultimate Service Area Boundary Map

2040 Ultimate Land Use Plan Map

Chapter 7 – Housing Plan

Age of Housing Stock Map

Housing Values Map

Chapter 8 – Solar Resources

Gross Solar Potential Map

Chapter 9 – Transportation Plan

Regional Location Map

Existing Traffic Volume & Crash Data Map

Roadway Jurisdiction Map

Existing Functional Classification Map

Future Functional Classification Map

City Commercial Collector Streets Map

Traffic Analysis Zones Map

Projected 2040 Traffic Volumes Map

Roadway Design Standards

Chapter 10 – Park and Trail Plan

Existing Park and Trail System Map

Existing Park Service Areas Map

Existing Trails and Sidewalks Map

Proposed Park and Trail System Map

Chapter 11 – Implementation

Zoning Map

Appendix A – Local Water Supply Plan

Proposed 2040 Water Plan

Appendix B – Sanitary Sewer Plan

Existing Sanitary Sewer System Map

Future Sanitary Sewer Plan Map

Appendix C – Surface Water Management Plan

Watershed Drainage District Map

Watershed Subcatchments with Aerial Photo

Soils Map

Waterway Corridor Classification Map

Appendix D – Adjacent Jurisdiction Review & Response to Comments



Have questions about the 2040 Comprehensive Plan? Contact Senior Planner Renee Christianson or Planner Jake Skluzacek for more information.


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