Code Enforcement

The Planning Department works closely with the Police Department to ensure compliance with local codes and regulations, promoting safe and healthy living conditions, maintaining the appearance and value of the community. The departments enforce a range of building, business, zoning, health and sanitation, public ways & property, public safety, motor vehicle & traffic codes.

The Planning and Police Departments work to resolve code violations through education and outreach, voluntary compliance, and enforcement action when necessary. This may involve issuing citation, fines, or orders to correct violations. The departments also provide technical assistance and support to property owners, contractors, and developers to help them understand and comply with the codes and regulations.

A code violation is the use or maintenance of any land – including vacant properties and buildings – that is contrary to the provisions of Elko New Market City Code. City Staff strive to inspect every complaint received; however, prioritizes inspections based on staffing resources and severity of the concern. Upon receipt of a reported code violation, a staff person will log the information and rank it according to priority, with health and safety issues taking precedence over violations that do not pose an immediate health or safety risk. A designated staff person will conduct a site visit and generally, if a violation is confirmed, a notice will be given to the responsible party. In most cases, the designated staff person will give the responsible party a deadline to abate all violations on the site. This deadline will vary according to the number and type of violation(s) on site. If the violation is not corrected within the allotted time frame, a citation will be issued.

Concerns regarding animals, on-street parking, burning, recreational fires, fireworks or noise related violations must be reported while they are occurring by calling 911 or the 24-hour, non-emergency line for the Police Department at (952)445-1411.  If you have a general concern or code violation to report, please fill out the Citizen Concern Online Form.