Community Oriented Local Government

Community Orientated Government is an organization-wide philosophy adopted by the City to improve and upgrade overall City operations by:

  • Understanding and reflecting public values
  • Working to improve process, procedures and service delivery
  • Improving policy discussion and decisions
  • Creating greater accountability
  • Increasing confidence in local government 


Community Orientated Government is intended to guide the City – its Council, Commissions, Staff and other agents in how they conduct the business of local government and provide public services.  Essentially, it is a statement of how the City of Elko New Market intends to do business. This formal statement is important for the following reasons:


  • It discusses the manner in which the City is going to achieve its Vision and Goals
  • It explains to the public what they can expect from their City government.
  • It establishes standards and creates greater accountability for the City officials, staff and agents
  • It helps to avoid complacency in local government