Yearly Sewer Averaging

The City of Elko New Market has a sewer averaging policy in place using the months of December, January and February.  The water usages of these three months create a sewer average that is used as the "sewer usage" for each monthly utility billing from March through November.

During the summer months, many residents have higher water usages from sprinkling lawns, watering gardens, filling pools, washing cars, etc.  This policy was put in place to save residents from higher sewer charges due to higher water usages. 

New residents moving into Elko New Market are billed using a sewer average of 4000 gallons until the next averaging period where they will create their own sewer average.

If any resident experiences a leak in the home or unintentional water use during the averaging period, please complete the Request Sewer Average Adjustment Online Form. Please note: once this form is received, City staff will review the request and a determination will be made.