To ATV or not to ATV, that is the question... And what about Golf Carts?


Recently we have received many questions regarding ATV and Golf Cart usage within City limits. This post is designed to answer frequently asked questions and give specific City Ordinance and MN State Statute information regarding ATV and Golf Cart Usage.


Under MN State Statute, the operation of golf carts, ATVs, utility task vehicles (UTV), and mini-trucks on city streets is NOT permitted unless local jurisdictions permit the use of these special vehicles.


Although Elko New Market does not permit the operation of ATVs for general transportation purposes, the City Code does allow ATVs to be driven on City streets for the purpose of going to or returning from an area of permissible operation outside the City limits. When operating for this purpose, youth between the age of 14 and 18 may only operate the ATV if they have a safety certificate issued by the Department of Natural Resources. In addition, youth operating ATVs or riding as a passenger must wear a helmet, and a seat belt when provided by the manufacturer. Children under age 14 may not, for any reason, operate an ATV within the City limits.


The provision allowing the operation of ATVs for entering/exiting the City does not apply to golf carts, UTVs, mini-trucks, or other special vehicles. These types of vehicles are not permitted and may not be operated on City streets, sidewalks, parks, or other public places for any reason.


Please keep in mind that these regulations apply only within the City limits. County roads are under the jurisdiction of Scott County and would be regulated under MN State Statue and County Ordinance.


If you’d like additional information or have questions regarding City Ordinance and/or MN State Statute visit the links below or call City Hall at 952.461.2777.



For the purpose of interpreting MN State Statue and City Ordinance, the following definition is used:


All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV): Refers to self-propelled trail bikes, minibikes, dirt bikes, mopeds, three-wheelers, four-wheelers, and amphibious vehicles, other than snowmobiles, used at least partially for travel on natural terrain. (Golf Carts are NOT included in this definition)


Additional Information

Elko New Market City Ordinance Regarding ATVs (Title 7, Chapter 3):


State Statue:

84.87 Operation; Regulations By Political Subdivisions:


84.9256 Youthful Operators; Prohibitions:


84.928 Operation Requirements; Local Regulation:


169.045 Special Vehicle Use On Roadway: