The Public Works & Engineering Departments are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the City’s water supply, treatment, storage, and distribution system.  The goal of the City’s water system is to provide a sufficient supply of clean water for use by the City’s residents, businesses, industries, public utilities, and Fire Department.  The City’s current water system is comprised of the following infrastructure:


·         Wells:  4

·         Elevated Water Reservoirs (Water Towers):  2

·         Water Treatment Facilities (Partial Softening for Radium Removal):  2

·         Miles of Watermain:  109,000 feet (20.7 miles)

·         Average Daily Water Pumped:  300,000 gallons

·         Fire Hydrants:  500


Elko New Market is projected to grow substantially over the next 20 plus years.  To meet the needs of this growth, the City is expected to require five additional water supply wells, a new centralized water treatment plant for the removal of radionuclides, iron, and manganese, a new ground storage reservoir, three new elevated storage towers, and several miles of trunk watermain.  These facility improvements are expected to provide 2.4 million gallons of water on an average day to estimated 21,000 residents.


The City will seek to recover the cost of facilities needed because of new development from developers through trunk and connection charges and developer-paid installation of public facilities.  Facilities that also benefit existing residents (such as better water treatment) will be partially funded through monthly utility charges to water customers.

Water Restrictions.jpg

 Water Use Restrictions

The City of Elko New Market has water use restrictions limiting the use of city water supply.  Residents are restricted to an odd-even schedule corresponding to property address effective each year from May 1st to September 30th.  Lawn or garden sprinkling or other irrigation is not permitted between the hours of eleven o'clock (11:00) A.M. and six o'clock (6:00) P.M. (New Market Ord. 180, 7-27-2005)

Exception: The watering of new seed or sod for a period of two (2) weeks from the date of seeding or sodding shall be excepted from the odd-even water use restrictions, but not the restriction on hours of sprinkling or irrigation. This exception for seeded or sodded areas shall not apply to previously established areas of the same lot.

The City of Elko New Market will be actively enforcing the water use restrictions within city limits.  Residents are reminded that violation of the water use restrictions is a misdemeanor offense.  Any person violating any provision of this ordinance may be found guilty of a misdemeanor.  Each day shall be a separate offense.

If you have any questions regarding the water use restrictions, contact City Hall at (952) 461-2777.