Set-up New Utility Service Account Online Form

This online form provides the City of Elko New Market the information needed to set-up a new utility service account.  The City requires completion of this online form or the Utility Service Form (PDF format) before a new account can be created.

Service Address:
Please provide the service address below by entering the house number and locating the street name of the property in the pull-down list.
Please enter the date of closing:
Please enter your date of move-in:

Requester Contact Information:
Please provide your contact information below.

Property Owner Information:
If this property is occupied by a renter, please provide property owner information below.

Mailing Address:
Please fill out this section only if you require your monthly utility bill to be mailed to a different address than the service address above.

Additional Comments:
Please provide any additional information or comments below.

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