Cancel Utility Service Account Online Form

This online form provides the City of Elko New Market the information needed to update our utility billing system when a resident is requesting to remove their name from the utility billing account.

Service Address:
Please provide the service address below by entering the house number and locating the street name of the property in the pull-down list.

Please enter the date of closing:
Please enter your move-out date:

Foreclosure Disclaimer:
If this property is going through the foreclosure process, the City of Elko New Market will be unable to remove your information from the utility billing account until the City receives documentation from the new owner or representative of the new owner (bank, realtor, title agency, etc.) requesting service to be transferred into their name.

Requester Contact Information:
Please provide your contact information below.

Property Owner Information:
If this property is being vacated by a renter, please provide property owner information below.

Forwarding Address:
Please provide your forwarding address below.  Your final utility bill will be mailed to this address.

Additional Comments:
Please provide any additional information or comments below.

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