Location & Transportation

Elko New Market is ideally located on Interstate 35 on the south side of the MSP metropolitan area, offering the best connection between the nation’s interstate system and the vibrant Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area with 3.2 million people. The community is less than 30 miles to MSP International Airport, a major hub for Delta Airlines.Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport consistently ranks among the world’s best airports in terms of efficiency, amenities and passenger satisfaction. MSP Airport served almost 30 million passengers in 2012, making it the 15th busiest airport in the US.

Elko New Market is located 11 miles from Airlake Airport, a public airport with a 4,098 foot runway. Elko New Market also offers ready access to other transportation corridors and thriving Minnesota communities, including Owatonna, Mankato and Rochester – headquarters of the Mayo Clinic.