Parks & Recreation

Staff Contact Information 

The City of Elko New Market’s Parks & Recreation Department is responsible for:  1) maintaining parks, trails, and open spaces, 2) planning for future parks and trailways, 3) organizing community events, and 4) providing both passive and active recreational opportunities.  The City’s parks/trails system consists of the following:


·         Trails:  9.5 miles

·         Sidewalks:  7.5 miles

·         Ice Rinks:  2

·         Basketball Courts:  2 (1/2 court)

·         Picnic Shelters:  2

·         Ball Fields:  5 (2 private)

·         Skate Parks:  1


The Parks Commission is a citizen advisory group that makes recommendations to the City Council regarding parks and trails, recreation, and natural resource planning and management.